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My two favorite authors, Bill Bryson and the comedian Griff Rhys Jones, have a few things in common. First they are primarily travel writers, they use their words to paint a picture using whit and colorful metaphors that some how pick you up and whisk you along in their journey. To all intent and purpose, from page one to the back cover you become their travel companion. Beyond that, thankfully as my memory isn’t all that great, they also both have short and memorable names.

Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin does not exactly stick in my memory in quite the same way as Bill or Griff! Perhaps she understood that, perhaps she even wished she had been called Bill as she later chose to write under the rather boyish pseudonym of George Sand and was known for wearing men’s clothing. But while Amandine doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue in quite the same way as her modern day contemporaries, she could at least claim to have been a wonderful writer who was never afraid to make full use of humor and irony.

Sand was born in Paris in 1804 to a noble family, although in actual fact her mother had began life as a commoner. For the most part she was raised by her Grandmother, who when given her full title had a name so long it even commanded a coma! Marie Aurore de Saxe, Madame Dupin de Franceuil.

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October 2008

As the days become colder I suddenly realise that I haven’t been fishing as much as I would have liked to!

 Well, the summer was hectic – I have been so busy at work that I haven’t managed to notice where the time has gone… And now I keep wondering - did we have summer this year? Even the week’s holiday I had in Mallorca simply disappeared!  I guess I’ve just been infected by the “running” syndrome, a condition that manifests itself by forcing the sufferer to try and fit as many different activities as possible into each and every 24 hour period.

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The Wandering Angler, 2008